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Three Spots for Pecan Pie with a Twist

When it comes to Southern flavors there is almost no better combination than bourbon and pecans perfectly blended into a beautiful pie. But next time that sweet tooth strikes, step outside the box to sample something beyond the standard slice. Here are three of our favorite foodie-finds to try a tasty twist on this dessert staple. 

If you aren’t one to push boundaries, head over to Swig & Swine. Their simple spin throws chocolate into the mix, which inspires even the most health-conscious to indulge in a bite. At Pearlz Oyster Bar, the classic confection is turned into a creamy cheesecake—a sumptuous serving of whipped cream on top brings this pie full circle. Don’t let the name of Boxcar Betty’s deter you. Their pecan-pie-in-a-cup is possibly one of the best bourbon pecan pies in the area. With a gooey base of pie and a bountiful garnish of vanilla bean ice cream, it’s truly the best blend of flavors around!