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Cooling Southern Cocktails

Even though it’s fall, the nights in the Holy City are still warm enough to relax on a rooftop watching the activity of the streets below. Keep yourself cooled-off at one of Charleston’s classy cocktail joints.

                      Classy Lemon Cocktail

Born out of the original Touch of a Class jazz club, The Commodore maintains an iconic vintage feel with brass barstools, velvet curtains, cozy booths and signature cocktails like the May I… with Nolet’s Gin, Campari, honey, lemon, and hibiscus. With more than 200 wines on their list, Bin 152 fuses some of the finest things in life—wine, cheese, art, and antiques—to bring a fresh feel to the French Quarter. The Gin Joint mixes up creative locally sourced and seasonally inspired cocktails. Order from their Unusual Offerings menu, which includes drinks like Ashes to Ashes with gin, Batavia Arrack, leek ash, jerk seasoned honey, lime, and celery bitters. Sip your favorite classic cocktail with a Southern twist at Circa 1886, stop by to try their latest cocktail menu items. A few featured drinks include the Pining For You, this cocktail refreshing blend of St. George Terroir Gin, Grapefruit, Rosemary Syrup, and a touch of Maraschino liqueur. For a more festive cocktail, try the Pumpkin Old Fashioned, a perfect blend of your favorite fall flavors -- Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey, Pumpkin puree, a splash of Grand Marnier and a hint of Maple. Keep yourself cooled-off at one of Charleston’s classy cocktail joints -- and don't miss out on these festive cocktails this season.